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Wallbased artwork @ Oculus (Facebook) HQs, Zurich

In 2020, as part of the Facebook’s OpenArts project which manages art installations in the working spaces of the company, a wallbased artwork has been executed in the offices of Oculus: a VR-equipment company from the same group, at their headquarters for Europe located in Zurich, Switzerland.

For the 3 x 6 m+ large wall, a fully digital design to get mounted has been created, in HD quality (37205 × 16535) and printed on the Vello fleece wallpaper by Jakob Schlaepfer.

The piece’s (obvious, given the circumstances) theme is revolving around tech-related topics, such as neural networks, digital and generative art and DCCs’ backend aesthetics. Furthermore, in its quality of a perception concept within the  neuroesthetics field related research I’ve been conducting till now, it’s focusing on the company’s Corporate Design blue color, which, as it’s usual in these cases, got chosen basing on surveys done over users’ groups reactions to given input stimuli.

The original design file has eventually been minted (in a lower resolution due to file sizes) on the premium NFT platform SuperRare.


Reproductions of the work with details and installation views.