Wallbased artwork @ Oculus (Facebook) HQ, Zurich

In 2020, as part of Facebook’s OpenArts project, which manages art installations in the company’s workspaces, a wall-based artwork was executed in the offices of Oculus, a VR equipment company within the same group. This installation is located at their European headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

For the large wall (measuring over 3 x 6 meters), a fully digital design was created in HD quality (37205 × 16535) and printed on Vello fleece wallpaper by Jakob Schlaepfer.

Given the context, the artwork’s theme revolves around tech-related subjects such as neural networks, digital and generative art, and the backend aesthetics of digital content creation (DCC). Additionally, as part of my ongoing research in neuroaesthetics, the piece focuses on the company’s corporate blue color. This color was chosen based on surveys of user reactions to specific stimuli, and reflects in this way my research on the collectivity of the perceptive space.

The original design file has eventually been minted (in a lower resolution due to file sizes) on the NFT platform SuperRare.


Reproductions of the work with details and installation views.